Storm Doors
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Storm Doors

Storm doors aren’t just for raging storms. Most people imagine these products as the heavy wooden doors that are flung over windows and other openings in the home, but instead, these products cover a whole range of options for your home to make living in it more comfortable and secure. These products can be found in many different forms by a variety of manufacturers who specialized in these products. You can fit these units over practically any door that is already in your home, and if not, you can easily adapt a frame for these additions.

These products have gone from being products that protect your home to being products that allow you to better control the use of light and ventilation that goes inside. Essentially a product by this name is any door that goes over your normal door. Most people are probably familiar with these products with the classic screen door and these are still available. However, many other products are around as well that will help you get the right feel for your home during the summer and spring months when fresh air and warm can be let in.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the screen door isn’t still a great option for your home. These products are great at letting in fresh air and keeping things like bugs and other pests out. Furthermore, such doors can be made with extra locks to still provide security for your home. These are the flimsy wood models that easily fall apart. Instead, these doors often come with just as strong a frame as the door you have at home. Naturally, the flimsies are still around too.

One of the more popular styles is the full glass door. These products are like screen door, but instead of a screen, they have glass panels. Most often, these are entire glass doors, which span the full length of the doorframe. These aren’t intended to allow air in, but they do allow a lot of light in and make your home much more inviting. They can be used during cooler parts of the year as many have just as strong of seals as a regular door. Additionally, these products also have secure locks as well to keep your home safe.

Just like the above, you can also find security doors to add extra strength to your already existing door. These products are usually made of a strong steel with an extra strong fixture for your lock.

Storm Doors Storm Doors